To become the preferred care providers in NSW to those living with mental illness and disabilities



The organization’s mission is:

  • To deliver the most relevant, highest quality programs and services in partnership with the NDIS participants.’
  • To provide services in line with the NSW Disability standards
  • To follow the person-centered plan for all our client.
  • To build a coherent community that lives together in harmony

Organizational Values

BridgesCare Management & staffs have the following values that they align with and apply to their everyday life especially to their business as a guide for them in dealing with their clients, partners, and staff.

It is imperative for us to do what is right and have a balanced life that promotes harmony, clear communications, love, understanding and have good work culture in our office for the people we provide services.

BridgesCare cultivates and maintains the following values:

  • Respect all
  • Honesty in all dealings
  • Ethical in all undertakings
  • Value every Individual
  • Passion for what we do,
  • Commitment to quality service delivery
  • Total-wellbeing for all


Our Desired Outcomes

The structure and implementation of our Vision, Mission, values, business plans, and strategies are geared towards realizing the under-listed outcomes:

  • A sustainable organization focused on clients support and satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency in the implementation of client’s NDIS plan and agreement
  • Be recognized as an organization that delivers programs as demanded by the NDIS
  • Have a clear customer service culture
  • Have a strong leadership and accountability culture
  • Have well-aligned staff with required skills
  • Strong staff development and retention culture
  • Be an employer of choice in the industry
  • Meet all quality and compliance obligations
  • NDIS re-registration secured


Our Strategy

Our core strategies as outlined in our Strategic Plan are as follows:

Business Growth and Sustainability: BridgesCare is managed with set policies and procedures, annual strategic and business plans, business growth targets, and measurable goals

Innovation: We employ innovative strategies for business development and delivery including the investigation of new opportunities, different ways of delivering current services more efficiently, and ways to deliver new services to existing and new target groups

Governance: We ensure good governance through strong leadership and accountability. We also promote performance management and reporting mechanisms, as well as core knowledge, skills, and systems in compliance and risk management

Capability: We develop and maintain our staff capabilities, systems and processes to enable us to deliver our vision and mission effectively and efficiently

Relationships and Partnerships: We strive to build and maintain a strong profile and reputation in our local community. Moreover, we establish and maintain meaningful, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships for the delivery of high-quality services for our clients


NDIS Approved Support Services

We are approved by the NDIS SafeGuard Commission to provide the following services to the NDIS participants who choose to deal with BridgesCare;

  • Plan Management
  • Assistive Prod-Household Task
  • Household Tasks
  • Innovative community Participation
  • Assist-Travel/Transport
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Daily Task/Shared Living
  • Community Participation
  • Support Coordination

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140 Greenacre Road,

Greenacre NSW 2190

1800 964 924


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