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NDIS Social And Community Participation

Social and Community participation fall into two areas of support purpose which are Core and Capital Building mainly to enable the participant to access and integrate with the community.

Core – Assistance with Social and Community Participation

This support is included in a participant’s plan to enable them to pursue recreational activities and engage in the community when associated with a participant’s disability and goals. They may be provided in a centre or in community settings at standard or higher intensity rates. Funding for this support does not cover expenses related to recreational pursuits, such as event tickets for the participant, and the cost of entry for a paid support worker to attend a social or recreational event.

Capacity Building – Increased Social and Community Participation

This support category involves supports participation in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community. Skills Development and Training, and Innovative Community Participation are the two components that make up Increased Social and Community Participation under Capacity Building Support.

All supports funded under these items need to be determined as reasonable and necessary given the participant’s plan goals and could include, but are not limited to:

  • Universal recreational activities: A limited number of lessons could be funded to enable a participant to try out an activity and test their capability and interest in further pursuing this activity – such as horse riding, art, dance or singing classes
  • Funding to attend a “camp” or groups that build a person’s relationship skills and offer a range of activities and opportunities to explore wider interests.
  • Other items or adjustments such as customised tools required because of the person’s disability could also be funded

All work and no play they say “makes Jack a dull boy”. Are you a fun lover or would you like to find and engage in social activities, events or other community activities?  If yes is your answer, then we can assist you to actualize that goal by researching through our network to match your needs with the right places you can choose from.  Moreover, for you to access the supports you must have been an NDIS participant with an approved support category “social and community participation” in your NDIS plan.


To manage your life independently and engage in various community activities, we can support you by continuously strengthening your skills in that area until you are able to access your community independently. To offer you a wide variety of social activities, we partner with other providers and community groups who specialize in these activities.

We assist you to engage in the community, social and civic activities in your area with support from our friendly staff who will be with you throughout this process. Apart from helping you to participate, we also strengthen your ability to participate independently. We do not make the final decision, all we do is to offer you with choices based on your preferences or interest, and we leave you to make the choice of the activities then we support you to get the most out of the activities.

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